It was all a misunderstanding, but nevertheless I was arrested in Japan

Foreign nationals who face legal disputes while residing or traveling in Japan will likely run up against a range of social and cultural differences. Unfamiliar with norms and expectations, non-Japanese defendants may commit behavioral errors in the courtroom that seriously compromise outcomes at verdict.

Unfortunately, legal counsel in Japan does not provide cultural support to offset these effects. Moreover, a new juror system was introduced in 2009. In consequence, a far greater judicial panel must be appeased, putting unprepared foreign defendants at even more disadvantage.

The Meehan Group provides orientation and advisory services to help our clients present their cases more genuinely and persuasively. We offer guidance on points of conduct and delivery, including courtroom demeanor and legal customs, judge and juror viewpoints, control of body language, and mannerly expressions of apology, remorse, and sincerity.

We have aided numerous defendants to receive fairer or more deserving judgments. Whether by accident or misfortune you find yourself in legal difficulties in Japan, we can help you prepare effectively for hearings, arraignments, plea proceedings, or trials. As with all matters we handle, we assure strict confidentiality and discretion.

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