Smartlation: Finally, a Non-Machine-Learning Angle to Translation & Technology

Eye-popping Statistics.  A technology-enabled marketplace disrupting the inefficiencies surrounding identifying a translator to work with.  That's the Smartlation story.  A classic internet business model or reducing market inefficiencies and adding user ratings a-la-Yelp.

Citing over $37BB in annual value, Israeli start-up Smartlation has developed an algorithm, a domain-expertise schema (medical; legal; technical; economic; policy), and assembled a group of 4,000 independent translators with a track-record and professional reputation who must respond to inquiries with a time frame and a price for that time-frame.  All in the (familiar sounding) name of business consumer ease for a specific sector's freelance community, facilitating for stressed would-be clients an easy match between the right person for the right project at the right price and delivery deadline.

Sounds interesting. If you use them, do let us know what you think.