Bespoke Boutique Interpreters & Translators

Global in reach yet boutique in mindset, The Meehan Group delivers uncompromising service to its discerning clientele.  The firm operates globally, with presence in Tokyo, New York, and Dublin. 

Andrew Migita-Meehan leads the firm with his extensive experience and native, bi-cultural fluency in Japanese and English. Under his direction, the talented team of translators and interpreters of The Meehan Group produce excellent results in the most demanding environments worldwide.  

Our network of 150+ interpreters and translators house exactly the expertise and experience your business or situation demands, embedded in efficient yet unobtrusive service.  This is a point of pride for us, as is our comfort in the corridors of power, but it would be terribly indiscreet to say anything more detailed. Most of our associates receive rigorous training in New York and Japan, and enliven technical proficiency with attention to detail, context, and nuance.  Practice will provide you with clarifying context about our sector expertise, services, and client organizations.

So, if you're interested in initiating conversations about a pressing translator/interpreter need (or even one that might take shape in the medium term), explore our blog, peruse our testimonials, and then reach out using this contact form.  Our response will be swift, we promise.

Credentials and accreditation are important, and so we call to your attention our membership in the following organizations:

If you are an accomplished Japanese-English interpreter specializing in patents and intellectual property, we encourage you to reach out to us.