Here's a quick biographical overview of our eponymous founder, along with some profiles of key partners.

We're confident you'll find it easy to imagine how these talented individuals (who might well be working, efficiently and discretely, with you in the near future) will nimbly work to ensure that when conducting business around a cultural/language dividing line, you'll do so with confidence that both intentions and nuances are conveyed.  


Andrew Meehan (右田)

Born in Sasebo, Kyushu to an American father and a Japanese mother, our founder Andrew Meehan is in every sense a bi-cultural individual who inhabits both worlds fluently. He vividly remembers helping translate Japanese birth certificates into English for travel visas for his mother's friends as a child. The rest, as they say, is history – though not without inter-generational guidance from his parents, who insisted upon languages/linguistics, in addition to engineering. Both of these proved foundational to his professional identity today.

His professional experience as a translator and interpreter was forged in the in-house global office services of large New York law firms. There, in supporting legal practices astride the globe, his love of linguistics received an obvious outlet. Less obvious, but equally as important, his engineering studies proved of pivotal importance in enabling him to frame the technology & intellectual property business drivers faced by the practice of law across languages and jurisdictions.

Not many minds stand at the intersection of language skills and the required smarts to speak sensibly about a given domain at a level higher than that used by the New York Times to addresses itself to its audience. You'd expect him to have an excellent ear for language. But hat's not the secret ingredient to our story.

He also has an eye for sizing people up and the strategic vision to realize that interpreting talent needs nurturing and mentorship, which he's happy to provide – not least because it pays him dividends in reputation and access to the rare type of top talent he needs.

Through his industry associations with the International Association of Conference Interpreters and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters, he has cemented his place as one of the more prominent voices of his generation of interpreter-entrepreneurs. Influence is a marvelous and subtle thing, paying dividends across multiple considered spans of time. Recent consulting includes curriculum development at both the Osaka University School of Law and the Japanese Association of Interpretation and Translation Studies. Furthermore he has consulted for Nichibenren, the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations with respect to policy and strategy to this domain so crucially central to commerce, publicity and sovereignty.

Download a PDF of his C.V., and visit his Profile on LinkedIn or his AIIC Membership Profile.