The Organizations we Serve

Law. Finance. Technological Innovation. Industry Associations. Corporate governance. Global governance. Sovereign states – their executive agencies & subsidiary jurisdictions. Multilateral regional associations. NGOs ranging from household names to localized organizations with big aspirations.  

It's a heady mix. But to The Meehan Group, it's home. The Meehan Group is a nimble network of top translator talent, providing the optimal blend of deep experience, low bureaucratic overhead and responsive service.  


Distributed Team with Wide Language Coverage

Day to day, The Meehan Group maintains a regular stable of 30 live interpreters and 50 translators into English, and an additional 150 translators globally. These dedicated professionals provide coverage across the permutations of  

* English * French * German * Spanish * Italian * Portuguese * Russian *
Japanese * Korean * Mandarin * Cantonese 

We can arrange interpreters for other languages quite easily.


Our Services

An effective interpreter must understand not only the origin and destination language at native fluency but also your sector's strategic imperatives and macro-environmental drivers.  Teens are native speakers of their mother tongue, but they are highly unlikely to posses domain/subject matter experts in commerce or statecraft, which is the fruit of deep experience that has coalesced into the following service line offerings.


The Meehan Group provides counsel with that rarest of intangibles, confidence – confidence that their global litigation practice & operations receive accurate, effective interpreted language streams, and confidence that project delivery (financial, scheduling and operational/logistical) metrics will simply never suffer negative impact.

We are deposition and trial interpretation specialists across all stages of litigation – lawyer advisory, witness or deponent preparation, document review.  We are fully accredited in the US and Japan (and to a lesser extent in the EU) to produce certified or sworn document translations for court and government proceedings and filings.

From the paired-a's of anti-trust and arbitration all the way to wrongful termination, there's hardly a case type or scale we've not faced. This isn't surprising considering our origins within New York and Washington, DC's elite and discreet power firms.  We understand their business and its challenges, and this enables our interpreters to serve as a trusted strategic partner.

Furthermore, one could well argue that the best litigation is that which was prevented from arising by iron-clad, water-tight patent protection planning.  From patent trolls to defenses against non-practicing entities we earned our expertise in the trenches. This is especially true of our sub-specialty in supporting pharmaceutical firms as they seek cross-jurisdictional approval for launch – and also proactively endeavor to protect their intellectual property through prudent planning for regulatory and competitive dynamics that can undergo radical transformation through a regulatory finding, or the due diligence issues that arise in transferring portfolio patents to new owners.



Not indirectly tied to our intimate understanding of globalized big law is our practice in providing support to corporate boards. Transaction and governance today is all too often a global affair, and the Meehan Group often translates preparatory documentation in addition to interpreting the Director's meeting at which, for example, a foreign entity proposes a merger.  

This work occurs most often in New York, London Tokyo and Beijing, venues where our familiarity enables exceptional tact and discretion in highly sensitive setting whose subject is material non-public information.  Our diverse and growing client list attests to the impressive levels of confidence with which we are regularly entrusted.




Industry expertise, an armory of useful cultural references, and an understanding of psychology, personality and tone of voice – our interpreters mix these key ingredients to assure your conference audience of transparent understanding of intent, nuance and even personality.  Clients often comment on how well the personalities of their senior executives have come across in the destination language. 



If conferences tend towards private gatherings of select audiences, governments often (but not always) broadcast their proceedings to the world. High-profile summits and program launches – or pre-summit planning and partner herding events that didn't officially happen:  across all of these, the Meehan Group has a deep track record at the highest levels.

Our in-depth knowledge of diplomatic protocol ensures that we deliver supple and nuanced interpretations of diplomatic speeches and government proceedings that prove their worth by the way they recede into transparency.  We understand the delegate mindset – in terms of complexity of combinations, but also in terms of the psychology of structurally stressful situations, and this expertise delivers optimal collaboration models and results.